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Pipe Genie
Trenchless Repairs of
Sewer and Water Lines
Located in Vancouver, BC, we have a team of plumbers in The Lower Mainland who are no dig trenchless main sewer and water line repair experts.

We have a large experienced team of plumbers who are specialists in repairing Moist, Damp, Wet or Flooded Basements, drain tile repairs and general plumbing troubleshooting, installations and repairs.

Problems can be caused by a burst water line or burst sewer line, leak or break in your main waterline, broken sewer line, broken water line, failure of the weeping tiles, blocked connection between your home and the water line system, can all cause problems with water getting into your basement or crawl space.

With our plumbing expertise in trenchless sewer and water line repairs, our trained plumbers provide expert services and are offered to all Vancouver, Vancouver and Lower Mainland area residents.

We use our own patented "Pipe Genie" pipe bursting equipment to replace you damaged sewer or water line without having to dig a trench.

When an emergency arises you can call our office and have a licensed and qualified plumber in your house in no time! If your water line has been damaged and your getting a flood or leaks in your basement, or your toilet has backed up and over flowing and leaving foul smells in your home, it is even more essential to get the right plumbing company to do the job right, and thatís us.

So contact us today at: if you have any emergency with a clogged toilet or drain, broken or damaged drain tiles, sewer or water line damage and various plumbing work.

With over 25 years of experience and knowledge in all aspects of your homes plumbing system, you can be assured that our plumbers will locate and repair your plumbing problems quickly and efficiently.

Expert Repairs of:

Leaking Basements * Wall Cracks * Damp Crawl Spaces * Leaking Cracks

Pipe Penetrations * Floor Cracks * Wet Basements * Drain Tile Problems * Honeycombed Concrete * Sump Pumps

Drainage * Weeping tile * Storage Tanks * Window Well Leaks

If so, then you've come to the right place because these drainage issues and more are our expertise!

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A leak in the basement can cause major problems. When water gets into a basement it
can damage your entire house. It could cause foundation damage which may produce harmful mold.. getting to know why a basement may leak may prevent a leak or flood in your basement.

Leaks can be caused by drain tiles that are clogged, damaged or leaking and that causes water to back up and flow into the basement.
This can be solved by drain cleaning or replacing cracked, broken or leaking drain tiles. Read More

Broken Sewer Line? Pipe Genie is Vancouver and The Lower Mainland's experts in "Trenchless Techniques"

We offer an excellent choice for homeowners who need to replace Water, Sewer or Gas Lines without ruining your landscapes, sidewalks and driveways, and also for municipal managers who are faced with installing new infrastructure where traffic or existing facilities present an obstacle. Read More

Pipe Bursting is a technique for replacement of existing water line pipes. The existing pipe, once burst, becomes the guide path for the new pipe being installed.

By replacing your water lines without having to dig, lets us do the job without damaging your lawns, gardens, driveways etc. This saves you both time and money.

This technique bursts the old pipe and in so doing displaces the fragmented old pipe into the surrounding soil. This creates a hole of roughly the same dimension as the original. If a larger diameter pipe is to be installed a larger 'expanding cone' is used to increase the size of the hole. Once done, the new pipe is pushed or pulled into position. Read More

More of Our Services:
- Toilet Drains
- Hot Water Tanks
- Plumbing Inspections
- Boiler Efficiency Consultation
- Clean & Clear Plugged Drain
- Live Video Drain Inspection
- Water-Jet Drain Flushing
- Hot Water Heater Repairs
- Sewer & Water Lines
- Kitchen Sinks & Taps
- Shower Heads & Drains
- Pipe Replacement & Repair
- Gas Barbeque Line Installations
- Septic Tanks
- Dripping Taps
- Sump Pump Service
- Garburators    
- Drain Tile Replacement
- Trenchless Pipe Replacement
- No Digging Pipe Replacement
- Pipe Bursting
- Drainage Repairs
- Drain Cleaning
- Bathroom Renovations 

We a large fleet of trucks and plumbers. Available 24/7 for emergencies.

Burst Water Line | Burst Sewer Line

Water Main Repairs | Trenchless Sewer Lines | Trenchless Water Lines

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